Build a greenhouse

A greenhouse has many uses! You can grow plants and vegetables prior to when the UK climate really allows for it. It can also be a natural outdoor space where the whole family can relax.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you can enjoy a resplendent greenhouse where exotic fruits grow next to fresh vegetables. We have put together some useful tips and advice for anyone looking to give their garden a new addition!

Careful planning and research

To begin with, building a greenhouse requires careful planning. The most common mistake is to only consider the price. As we all know, things are often cheap for a reason, hence focusing straight on the price is not something we recommend. The cheaper models may have thinner glass or lower heights. That’s why it is important to carefully research and ask different suppliers for advice prior to making a decision on which greenhouse to get.

Do not hold back on the size!

If you ask an expert, they will most likely tell you to choose a larger greenhouse than you had imagined initially. Most things you grow in a greenhouse will grow up toward the ceiling. Therefore, to maximise your cultivation area, a hot tip is not to hold back on the height of the greenhouse. Therefore, don’t choose too small of a greenhouse – you risk regretting it afterwards! Higher ceilings further promote better climate in the greenhouse as the air volume increases.

Chose the best possible position

Choosing the perfect position for your greenhouse can be tricky. Not everyone has a garden with conditions that are such that you can choose freely. Many people instinctively choose a south facing position to maximise the number of sun hours, however this may risk overheating the greenhouse. Many experts will argue that a west facing position is preferable to one facing south, because of the lesser number of sun hours. The wind is another consideration. If the greenhouse is not in a wind protected area, there is a risk that it will get too cool from icy winds.

Install electricity and water supply in the greenhouse

If you want flexibility and to be able to grow things year round, it is necessary to have access to both electricity and water in the greenhouse. Electricity is needed to operate both frost guards and heating, and also for ambiance lighting. The water solution can be fairly simple if you choose to use a water hose. Keep in mind, however, that the greenhouse uses more water than you may think. For that reason, it may be worthwhile to install a water tap in the greenhouse and to invest in an automatic irrigation system.

Using ground screws is a simple and easy solution

Are you building a greenhouse and need help laying the foundation? Many greenhouses today are being built on walled foundations, which involves a fair bit of work. Instead, use Stop Digging’s ground screws, which is a cost effective and gentle way of anchoring your greenhouse! This solution will not damage the ground and you don’t need to dig or wait for the concrete to dry. We have certified installers all over the UK – contact us today to find your nearest installer!