Tips for anyone wanting to erect a wire fence

A wire fence may not be the most attractive structure in the garden or around the property, but in many cases it is a necessity. If you need to protect something – children, animals, plantations or your property in general – then a wire fence is probably the easiest option. Even though a wire fence does not provide the same wind protection as a wooden fence, it is an affordable option and it does not require much maintenance.

Generally speaking, no building regulation approval is required to build fences, walls or gates, although the structures must still be structurally sound and maintained. You will, however, need to apply for planning permission in certain circumstances, e.g. if the structure is over 1 metre high and next to a highway or a footpath of a highway, or if it is over 2 metres high elsewhere. Other detailed circumstances exist; hence we always recommend that you contact your local planning authority prior to starting any work.

Easy to erect

Erecting a wire fence is not very complicated, although the material may be quite heavy, and you may need to be two people to carry out the job. Before purchasing any material, make a drawing of the area you want to enclose. Make the drawing as specific as possible and clearly mark out the corner and gate posts. The drawing will come in handy when you go to the retailer to buy the materials. Based on the drawing, the retailer will get a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and they will be more likely to suggest the best material and even to provide some useful tips.

Pay attention to the ground

A common mistake when erecting a wire fence is to fail to check the ground where the fence will be erected thoroughly. There may be water pipes in the ground that must not be damaged, or the ground may not be flat enough. Before installing the gate, you must check the ground around the gate properly to ensure it is flat and that the gate opens and closes without getting stuck on the ground. One tip is to think carefully about how wide the gate needs to be. Even if you don’t plan to drive through the gate with two cars, it can still be useful to have a double gate.

Use ground screws from Stop Digging to anchor your wire fence

Using our ground screws makes it both cheaper and simpler to erect a wire fence! Rather than digging up the whole garden to install concrete plinths, use our ground screws and achieve a much better and more stable outcome.

We have ground screws suitable for all types of soil conditions and constructions. Our pipe screws are perfect for anchoring a wire fence. If the terrain on your property is rough, we will help you find the best solution!

Stop Digging has more than 100 certified installers all over the UK – contact us today to find your nearest installer.