Our screws:
Four models in various lengths

Our screws have been especially developed to cope with the Nordic climate. We have several basic models available in various lengths and sizes, depending on what needs to be installed, the load requirements for the project and the ground conditions where the screws are to be installed.

All the screws are CE-marked.
The screws are made of steel – ISO 630Fe360A.
Their surface is galvanised to DIN EN ISO 1461.

Our adaptors:
smart solutions for various purposes

In addition to our screws there are a number of adaptors for various types of special installation.
With their help, our screws can also be used e.g. when building and installing:

• flagpoles
• noise barriers
• construction site fences
• jetties

The following applications are also available for adapter screws:

• beam attachment, 70 mm
• post attachment, 70 mm
• plate, 150×150 & 200×200 mm
• cantilever walls