1. 1. What is Stop Digging?

Stop Digging is a new innovation within the contracting industry and we are the market leader for the development, installation and sale of ground screws and their associated applications. Installation of ground screws is carried out by our certified installers in a gentle process that does not utilise digging. We provide a stable anchorage that saves time and money.

  1. 2. How can it be used?

We install ground screws as fastenings for a variety of projects such as: terraces, fences, planking, pergolas, cabins, storage sheds, playhouses, carports, signs, park benches, annexes and other outdoor constructions. We offer smart solutions and lots of possibilities for specific projects.

  1. 3. How do you decide which type of ground screw to use?

We have many different ground screw models in custom lengths. Depending on land ratio, load and the type of project, we determine which type of ground screw to use. We also have a well-developed range of applications and accessories to solve your anchorage issues. Our ground screws are adapted to the Nordic climate and the dimensions are tailored to Swedish construction standards.

  1. 4. What happens if there is a rock in the ground?

We always bore a pilot hole before installing any ground screw. Smaller stones or gravel will be pushed aside in the boring process. Medium-sized stones will be broken. If there are large rocks or in mountain terrain we offer various solutions and our trained installers have a lot of experience in solving all types of problems that may arise.

  1. 5. Are the screws affected by frost?

We have many years of experience of working in conditions of hard frost, and we have observed that our ground screws can handle frost. The design of our screws is adapted to cope with tough conditions and our ground screws are specially developed for use in the Nordic climate. Our local installers have good area knowledge and have reference objects.

  1. 6. Do you use the same calculations as for a concrete block?

Yes! Our solution is a replacement for a concrete block.
For cc measurements and similar calculations you can calculate the same as when using a concrete block. With regard to loads in larger projects, we always recommend that a test be carried out by us to ensure that we use the correct bearing on the ground screw.

  1. 7. What types of loads can the ground screws handle – push, pull or horizontal?

All of our earth screws are tested and specifications are provided regarding pull, push and horizontal loads. Follow this link: https://slutagrav.se/vara-skruvar/ and click on the respective ground screw to view the calculations. These calculations are made in normal arable land and may be affected by different soil conditions. To ensure that we have correct local values, we can carry out a local test.

  1. 8. Strength and stability?

Our ground screws are specially designed and their thicknesses and surface coatings are adapted to the Nordic climate. All our ground screws are hot galvanized in accordance with ISO 1461. All products are CE marked and our production facilities are ISO certified.

  1. 9. Who are our customers?

We carry out work for both private and corporate customers. All our installers are certified, have ID06 and have Contractor Insurance. We are suppliers for companies such as NCC, Skanska, Peab, Riksbyggen and various municipalities around Sweden. Stop Digging is a popular choice because we offer a cost-effective solution and simplify things for the customer.

  1. 10. How much does it cost?

Our concept is fully installed on site at a fixed price per ground screw. Our prices vary depending on which ground screw you need to use for your project. Prices also vary depending on where you are in the country.

Contact your local installer for quotation here: https://stop-digging.co.uk/find-your-installer/